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get rid of wrinkles.

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How does the propolis cream ZDOROV work?

  • Improves skin texture
  • Makes your skin look excellent
  • Markedly reduces the number of thin lines and wrinkles
  • Keeps dark circles and swelling under your eyes to the minimum
  • Eliminates the possibility of deep pores on the skin

Why do you need the propolis cream ZDOROV?

The propolis cream ZDOROV is applied for anti-aging care, wrinkles correction and making skin more elastic. If you regularly apply the cream, it’ll help you to solve several problems at once.

Active components of the cream, propolis extracts and bee venom, eliminate:

Flaky skin

Components of the propolis cream ZDOROV

Bee wax

It provides for prolonged effects of the cream, has regenerative properties regarding soft tissues. Wax is an organic product of bees’ wax-producing glands, this product contains over 300 components. It prevents skin from being dehydrated and protects from harmful external influences. Skin becomes smooth, soft and elastic

Olive oil

It contains vitamins A and E and groups of phenols which provide soft tissues for nutrition and contribute to their regeneration. These vitamins also make skin elastic and stimulate blood circulation as well

Propolis extract

This is one of the best antioxidants, a perfect natural filter protecting skin from UV-radiation. It exerts regenerating, antitoxic, anti-edematic effects on skin. If you apply it systematically, it prevents skin form aging and protects skin cells from negative impacts of the environment

Soyabean oil

Soyabean oil contains a record percentage of vitamin E (tocopherol) that gives skin necessary nutrition and prevents it from aging.

Horse chestnut extract

This extract contains esculin flavonoid glycoside and saponin that reduce permeability of the capillary tubes. It contributes in a large degree to regeneration of all the tissues

How to apply the propolis cream ZDOROV?

Wash and dry your skin before applying the cream
Put small amount of the cream onto the skin
Use the cream every evening for 30 days
Admire your skin becoming healthy and beautiful


Catherine, 26 years old, London

Skin usually gets used to remedies you treat with. My facial skin sweated terribly and was oily for a long time. I chose the propolis cream for 2 reasons. It helps to get rid of sweating and wrinkles. I applied it for 2 weeks. It gave good results!

Helen, 29 years old, Birmingham

I heard the bee venom really helps to eliminate wrinkles, that’s why I ordered the cream. I’ve been using it for a month. Number of facial lines has reduced but they didn’t disappear. My skin has become more elastic. I’m really satisfied with the result!

Christine, 28 years old, Liverpool

I’m against any chemical products, so I chose this cream. In a week my skin became elastic and fresh. But I didn’t notice any changes in wrinkles. I hope the cream will give its effects after a while.

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130 Euro 39 Euro*
Order the propolis cream ZDOROV
*VAT not incl.
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Only 120 cream jars with special discount left
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