Parasites are the reason for bed breath


Jeffrey Richardson, M.D.
Dr. Richardson has published over 75 research works about molecular parasitology.
20 years of professional experience and studies.

A recently completed study reports that the decay products of parasites are poisonous and create the breeding ground for putrefaction bacteria in the stomach. This is the reason why people who are infected with parasites have a bad breath in mouth.

We will take a closer look at this proble with Dr. Richardson, professor at the National Institute of Parasitology.

Thank you so much for coming, Dr. Richardson. I’d like to start directly with the main topic. Is it really so that a large number of the British residents are infected with parasites?

Yes, it is. In comparison with other countries, in fact we take one of the leading positions. This is because of a bad ecological situation, inactivity of authorities and people’s indifference.

Dr. Richardson, are the results of the study about the connection of the parasite affect and the bad breath true?

Until recently, even the medical community itself believed that a bad breath is triggered only by the oral cavity. The latest studies have shown though that the problems with stomach and liver (which appear when one is affected by parasites) cause a bad breath as well. The scientists have also reported that this symptom that “seems normal” cannot be ignored. Parasite affect really leads to very serious diseases in the human body.

As for me, I do trust the results of the study that was performed by our institute. The “normal” breath may also lead to serious diseases. About 92% fatal cases are caused by the parasite affect

Normally, when speaking about parasites, we mean usual worms. They can really cause a bad breath and then even lead to death.

In fact, it is a big mistake to assume that it is only about worms in the parasites’ case. There are a huge number of parasites living in various body organs. They influence the human body in various ways. By the way, the worms, or specifically, the helminthes are very dangerous. They literally destroy the intestine, lead to its devastation and finally to the death of the patient. It is also very difficult to localize worms and make them harmless.

Along with the mentioned ones, there are thousands of parasites living in the liver, brain, lungs, blood and abdomen. Almost all of them are life-threatening. Some parasites immediately start behaving aggressively and destroy the body. Other parasites live invisibly until their number in the body is so big that the body cannot protect by itself from them, which leads to the death of the diseased person.

At the same time I can say safely that almost everyone is really affected by parasites. The thing is that it is very complicated to reveal most of them. If the consequences of the infection caused by parasites became visible, then the experts try to remove the parasites. Even during the autopsy on the body, special investigations can be done in order to discover the parasites. This works at least for the majority of them.

There are thousands of parasites that can live in the liver, brain, lungs, blood and abdomen. At that, almost all of them are life-threatening. Normally the pathological process begins with a bad breath.

Could you give some concrete examples of an affection?

I could show you hundreds of cases. But I will refer to the cases that show clearly the danger coming from parasites.

First of all, I’d like to point out that it was discovered that tapeworms can cause cancer. At that, the worms themselves before people. Their malignant cells spread through the whole body and infect the man at that. This happens when a helminth larva migrates from the human intestine to the lymph nodes. As a result, they turn to the cancerous tumors and poison the person quickly. Only in a few months death comes then. A fatal case was registered even last week.

On this photo: cells of a malignant tumor caused by parasitic worms

It also happen soften that the human brain is being affected. This leads to neurosis, rapid fatigue, excessive irritability, and sudden mood swings. On advanced stages when parasites spread in the brain, worse diseases appear, which lead to death.

We have a photo archive of autopsies where parasites were revealed in various body organs. Here are some pictures, but be warned, this looks really terrible.

Worms in human bile stones:

Parasites in human brain, which caused cancer:

Worms in the heart, which caused a cardiac arrest:

The third example is an affection of a human heart. This is assumed that this disease appears really rarely. In fact, heart worms are in about 23% of people. In other words, this means that each 4. person is affected. On the initial stage, they are invisible and don’t influence the body either. But the more time is gone, the more noticeable in a human heart. They are the real reason of various heart diseases and when speaking about a sudden death because of a cardiac arrest, so these parasites are almost 100% responsible for it.

Are there any more dangerous consequences of an affection?

By men parasites can cause prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, cystitis, kidney and bile stones.

By women they cause pain and inflammations the ovaries, fibroids, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast disease as well as adrenal, bladder and kidney inflammation. Of course, these problems are followed by premature skin aging, wrinkles, eye bags, warts and papillomas on face and body.

How can people protect themselves from parasites? Is there any specific precaution or examinations?

Unfortunately I have to say that there are no methods of diagnosing the existence of parasites in a human body. On the one hand, this is because of the existence of so many species of parasites (there are over 2000 species known) and on the other hand, this is in some ways very difficult to prove their existence. A complete parasitic examination can be made only in a few places in Great Britain; moreover, it is quite expensive as well.

The symptoms of a parasitic affection are as follows:

  • Bad breath,
  • Allergic reactions (skin rash, watery eyes, runny nose);
  • Exanthema and skin redness;
  • Frequent colds, sore throats,nasal stuffiness;
  • Chronic fatigue( you get tired quickly no matter what you do);
  • Frequent headache;
  • Constipation or diarrhea;
  • Pain in muscles and joints;
  • Nervousness, insomnia and appetite disorders;
  • Black eye-rims, eye bags.

If at least one of these symptoms occurs, then you can be 99% sure that there are parasites in your body. You have to destroy them as quickly as possible!

There are some questions which need to be worked at when speaking about medicine. Today, there is only one real solution which can help at parasites elimination.

The effective remedy against parasites, which was developed with my colleagues from the Institute of Parasitology, in collaboration with an international team of scientists, is DEPARASITE. About two dozens of various medicines against parasites were examined. During that process, it has been shown that it is about the most effective medicine in case with DEPARASITE.

DEPARASITE is a unique combination of propolis oil, cedar extract and herbal mixture of fern, boar, thyme, etc. When elaborating and testing, this remedy showed itself as extremely effective. Nowadays, it is the only medicine that provides outstanding results. Let’s see the thing from the point of money – then this could be a true export boom. People around the world are ready to pay any price for DEPARASITE.

There are a lot of positive reviews from those people who have already tried it.

What makes DEPARASITE so unique? How does this remedy differ from all others which can be used when fighting against parasites?

As it was said before, it is the only effective remedy against parasites by now. This helps destroy parasites finally. For this reason, this is so popular among international pharmacy networks and companies. In comparison with conventional medicines against parasites, this really works with a large number of pathogens that may attack a human body. In relation with diagnostic problems, the whole body can be really cleaned this way. DEPARASITE destroys and removes all parasites living in a body – from brain, heart and liver to abdominal cavity organs. No other remedy among those which are presented on the market can guarantee the same.

Despite that, the question here is not about a remedy with a chemical base. This is a fully natural remedy, which doesn’t cause allergic reactions, intestinal flora disbalance and other problems, which may appear due to the use of classic pills, because a body needs to process more chemical compounds.

This is an official result of a labor examination of DEPARASITE in the Institute of Parasitology.

1. The effectiveness of DEPARASITE was calculated according to a standard method (the proportion of the number of recoveries to the total number of patients in the group of 100 persons treated with the medicine):

  • Elimination of helminths and eggs: 100%
  • Normalization of the function and condition of the pancreas: 80%
  • Elimination of allergic dermatitis: 90%
  • Elimination of gastritis, ulcers, diarrhea: 90%
  • Elimination of anemia: 100%
  • Elimination of mouth odor: 100%

2. There were no negative side effects discovered, including allergic reactions.

3. DEPARASITE is recognized as the leading medicine fort he fight against parasites in a human body.

I think that our readers would like to know where they can buy DEPARASITE?

- They can order it on the official Website of the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the chemistries want make a high profit by themselves, which is why they sell the product at a high price. The scientists who created the medicine are absolutely against that. As an expert, I would like of course, that all people of this country could afford this product.

I hope that in time, an agreement will appear, due to that everyone will be able to buy DEPARASITE at an affordable price in any pharmacy. Now, it can be ordered online only. Everything is really enjoyable and easy. The product is shipped by mail and paid on receipt. You don’t need to do anything else to receive the product.

Dr Richardson, before we end our interview, you have another opportunity to address directly to our readers.

The only thing that I really want to say ist hat you need to pay attention to your health. You could probably not expect but the probability that parasites live in your body is 97-87%. They can be just everywhere: in blood, the digestive system, lungs, the heart or brain. Parasites literally eat you up from inside and poison your body at the same time. From this, a number of health problems may appear, which can reduce your life for 15-25 years. I don’t want to start with the problem of a sudden death because of a cardiac failure at all. This reason for a death comes normally almost always in connection with parasites.

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