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Information for sportsmen! How to do sport when pain in joints?[Correct]

Doing sport with joint pain. It’s an open secret that going in for sport we can stay healthy and beautiful for a long time. Sport is equal to health. Unfortunately it’s a wide-spread delusion. One of the negative effects of doing sport is joint pain. While taking exercises or after it athletes often feel pain in joints.[1] Alas, but doing sport doesn’t protect us from joint pain but even provokes it. In this article we are going to learn characteristic features of the joint pain, its reasons, symptoms and treatment.

Picture 1.Joint example

Joint disorders.[Correct]

Pain in joints can be severe and exhausting or less intensive. During the lifetime 85% of adults in some way feel pain in joints. Joint disorders often lead to the development of disability. They can be divided into 2 groups: arthritis (inflammatory process of the disease) or arthrosis (coming from degenerative and dystrophic processes).

Reasons of joint pain. [Correct]

  1. Arthritis, the symptom of pain in joints is for sure.
  2. Excessive physical exercises.
  3. Damage of ligaments and sinews.
  4. Injuries and fractures.
  5. Venereal diseases -clamidiosis, gonorrhea, etc.
  6. Osteomyelitis
  7. Allergies
  8. Infectious diseases: flu, rubella, chickenpox, parotitis, etc.
  9. Tendinitis – inflammation of a tendon.
  10. Bursitis – the inflammation of one or more small sacs of synovial fluid in the body.
  11. Gout

When the joints hurt regularly and the intensity of pain is rather low, you shouldn’t leave it all unattended and not to pay attention to this alarming symptom.

"Внимание"Common symptoms of joint disorders:

  1. Pain while you’re at rest, during or after doing exercises.
  2. Constraint, limited movements.
  3. Local changes ( in struck areas): skin redness, sensitivity disorders, high temperature, deformation of bone andcartilaginous tissue, swellings
  4. Crunch and seizing while moving.

How to struggle with pain in joints? [Correct]

To prevent joint pain leading to disability there is a cream-wax Zdorov. This cream’s functions are localized. It penetrates directly into the joint capsuleand works to remove the disease. The unique constitution of the cream Zdorov regenerates the damages cartilaginous tissue removes pain and joint inflammation and restores the regular functioning. It’s perfectly suitable for treating osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis, locomotor system disorders.

Picture 3. Cream-wax Zdorov – effective help when pain in joints.

To order the cream-wax Zdorov for treating joint disorders press here.

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