• Clinically proved effectiveness
  • 100% natural components
  • Helminthologist recommended

Parasitic disease can cause cancer!

DEPARASITE propolis elixir destroys and removes parasites and helminthes out of all organs inonly 14 days!!

  • Destroys all kinds of parasites, helminthes and protozoa
  • Softly removes eggs and waste products of parasites
  • Strengthens immunity and protects all internals
  • Eliminates the diseases caused by helminthosis
  • Increases working
    capacity, improves health
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It’s proved that 87% of oncological diseases are caused by parasitic invasions of internals!

Parasites occupy not only your stomach and intestines, but also liver, lungs, heart and even brain

Products of their activity weaken local immunity of the struck organ, creating favorable conditions for development of cancer

Some types of helminthes grow up to 40 cm for several months and lay more than 1000 eggs during this period

Parasites cause gastritis, stomach ulcer, pancreatitis, heart failure, diseases of liver and kidneys, pneumonia, insomnia and headaches

Check yourself for symptoms of infection

  • Frequent colds, lip herpes
  • More frequent allergic reactions
  • Drowsiness, fast tiredness
  • Stomachaches of any intensity
  • Bad breath
  • Digestion disorders
  • Dark circles and bags under eyes
  • Pale skin
  • Sleeplessness and headaches
  • Nervousness, irritability
  • Skin problems, zits
  • Brittle, dim hair and nails

Parasitic invasion is a life-threatening state demanding immediate treatment!

Begin treatment right now!

Why is DEPARASITE elixir the only remedy to help you?

Unlike all others anthelmintics, it not only destroys parasites but also eliminates for 100% the consequences of their activity which is dangerous for your health

Propolis oil

Destroys and brings out of the organism adult parasites as well as larva and eggs of all kinds of parasites.

Cedar extract

Removes poisons, slags, toxins and parasites' wastes, cleans blood and lymphatic system.

Herbs mix

(Fern, gypsywort, wormwood, thyme, carnation, wild celery, horse sorrel, tansy, birch leaves, aspen bark).

Restores work of digestive tract, improves work of liver and gall bladder.

100% natural components without chemical additives!

Why is DEPARASITE elixir the most effective of all remedies?


  • influence only gastrointestinal forms of parasites
  • very toxic for human organism
  • cause a number of side effects
  • kill but don't remove parasites, leaving them to decompose in your organs
  • don't protect from recurrences

DEPARASITE propolis elixir

  • destroys all species of parasites in any organ of your body
  • absolutely harmless to an organism, strengthens immunity
  • has no side effects and contraindications
  • destroys and brings parasites and their wastes out of the organism
  • 100% guaranteed recurrence stoppage

Doctors recommend not to neglect the disease

The progressing health problems, chronic diseases of internals, decrease of potency, drowsiness - it is only an iceberg top. Persisting parasitic invasion is a direct way to oncological diseases, it is proved by scientific research. I recommend to the whole family to accept a course of DEPARASITE propolis elixir annually after the summer season. The remedy is natural, has no contraindications. This is many times more effective than its analogs. This harmless remedy helps to get rid of parasitic invasion for 100%.

Dr. Roger Drew,
Toxicology Consultant

How parasites get into our organism

Through the infected food, water, dirty fruit

From pets and blood-sucking insects

Through household objects, from the infected family members

Through skin and mucosal tissues when swimming in open pools

Defend yourself and your nearest!

Over the past few years the variety of helminthes parasitizing in a human body has considerably increased in Russia. Now 120 species of parasites of more than 260 existing ones are widespread around Russia. Some of them live in an organism for years without making themselves known. DEPARASITE propolis elixir is recommended for treatment and prevention of parasitic infection.

Don’t let parasites settle down in your body and destroy your health!

We have received 2578 thanksgiving
comments about DEPARASITE elixir

“Now I’m full of energy!”

Earlier I used to be like a sleepy fly all the time: headaches, weakness, I could hardly fall asleep in the evening and wake up in the morning. It's strange, but having suspected parasitic infection because of constant "women" inflammations, my gynecologist advised me to try DEPARASITE elixir. I've completed 2 courses, and now I'm full of energy! And gynecological problems have gone!

26 years old, PR-manager, Manchester

“The doctor advised to treat the whole family”

During the physical the doctor found tapeworms in my child, so he advised to treat the whole family, saying that parasites can be found in any organ of the body, even in lungs or brain. By the way, they are easily spread between family members. It wasn't an option to poison the child with chemicals, so we chose a natural product - DEPARASITE elixir. It has no side effects and its taste is quiet pleasant. After the course treatment my son's health is entirely normal, and my husband’s gastritis has gone. Even my migraines and insomnia faded away. Next year we will repeat the course for prevention!

Helen Smith,
43 years old, housewife, Edinburgh

“In a month my health went back to normal”

I couldn't cure chronic gastritis for years, moreover liver pains appeared as well as potency disorders, which caused misunderstanding with my wife. So I suffered both physically and psychologically. I incidentally read an article that said that all these problems can be caused by parasites in the organism. I was frightened and decided to poison this filth. I have tried DEPARASITE elixir, and in a month my health went back to normal: pains have gone, potency has returned, and so much energy! I have ordered a course for my wife as well,I guess it wouldn't hurt!

40 years old, driver, Birmingham

How to get rid of parasites with the help of the DEPARASITE elixir?

  • Order the DEPARASITE propolis elixir
  • Take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day before meal
  • In 10 days all parasites and larvae will be destroyed
  • In 14 days parasites’ wastes are brought out of the organism
  • 2-3 courses with 10-day break are recommended for treatment
  • 1 course annually – for prevention.

It’s recommended to complete the treatment and prevention course with the whole family

Get rid of parasites and return your health back!

  • Parasites cleanse is 100% guaranteed
  • Immunity activation
  • Internals’ work restoration
  • Healthy and shiny skin, strong hair and nails
  • Good health and high working capacity

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