According to the data of a state research, 87% people are infected!


Editorial note:
According to the latest data of the WHO, these are the parasites in a human body that lead to the development of the majority of life-threatening diseases, from hepatitis and peptic ulcer to tumor illnesses. 15 millions of people die annually because of parasites; the infection is so widely spread that parasites live in almost everyone.

Charles Addington
Doctor of Medicine, professor, Board Certified, Head of the British Institute of Parasitology
Professional experience – 38 years

Today, we discuss this topic with the Head of the British Institute for Parasitology, Dr. Charles Addington.

- Good afternoon, Dr. Addington. Please tell us, are the WHO data about the infection with parasites correct? Is it true that the food products from a shop cannot guarantee the safety of our health?

As for me, I trust the WHO statistics and I can say that they have been proven by studies of our Institute of Parasitology. About 92% of fatal cases are caused by the affection with parasites. And it is not about a death because of an illness. The vast majority of the so-called “natural deaths” are the consequences of the parasites’ activity in a human body.


So, you can see the conditions of storing fish, fruit and other food in shops and supermarkets of our city. You always see clean and fresh products, but they are stored on the same place and in the same package with others. Often, the shop assistants out fresh food over old rotten products.

There are thousands of parasites living in your liver, brain, lungs, blood, stomach. Almost all of them are life-threatening”.



I know hundreds of cases. But I would rather tell about those which show the biggest danger of parasites.

First of all, as it has revealed, some tapeworms may lead to cancer. At that, not a person himself, but the worms are being infected. But their malignant cells spread through the whole body and infect a person.

In the middle of this photo: malignant cells transferred to a man by a worm

Another common case – Infection of a human brain by parasites. This leads to neuroses, rapid fatigue, hyperexcitability and mood swings. On the advanced stages, during the brain filling with parasites, serious diseases develop, which lead to death then.

Here are some photos oft he patiens, by whom the brain infection by parasites was revealed (in both cases it wasn’t possible to save them):

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The third example is the heart infection by parasites. This illness is considered to appear quite rarely. In fact, there is a certain number of heartworms in about 23% of people. This means that they live in almost every fourth person. They are the final reason for a lot of heart diseases and in case of a sudden death from a heart attack, are almost 100% of cases connected with parasites.

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Let me please give some more examples from our doctors‘ experience:

Worms in the human gall bladder tissues:

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Liver tissues with tumor. The reason were the lamblia, with which 95% people are infected nowadays.

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Kidney tissues destroyed with cancer. This case was caused by schistosome, which 63-65% of the population have according to the statistics.

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In the UK, the following species of parasites are widely spread too:

Asсarid affects up to 1.5 million people annually. It comes into a body with food (mostly with non-brewed greens, fruit and vegetable), raw water, dirty hands, dust; flies transfer ascarids actively as well.

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Toxocara is usually transferred with dogs; it can be located not only in the digestive system, but also under the skin and even in the eyeballs.

Swiss tapeworm is a big long-liver; its length can be up to 10 meters, its life in the human body may be up to 25 years. Just imagine, what happens inside a person, if such a long-liver lives there? It comes inside a body with food and through the skin, for example, when walking barefoot.

The first signs showing us that parasites live in our body, are:
Bad mouth odor
Allergic reactions (eruptions, watery eyes, running nose).
Frequent colds, tonsillitis, feeling of nasal stuffiness)
Chronic fatigue (you get tired quickly regardless of the type of your activity).
Frequent headache, constipation or diarrhea.
Joint and muscle pain
Nervousness, sleep and appetite disorders
black eye-rims, eye bags

With the presence of at least 2 signs of the mentioned above, you definitely have parasites in your body.

As for the medicine, so this all is problematic here. Today, only one product exists, which helps with the elimination of parasites. I also would like to say, that it has been developed here, in the United Kingdom.

This is an antiparasitic product DEPARASITE that was developed in participation of our Institute of Parasitology and a group of independent young scientists. The head of the project was James Frederickson, a famous scientist with over 30 years working experience. In the meantime, we were working on 20 medicines against parasites. But during the development, we decided to choose DEPARASITE, since this was the most effective option.

DEPARASITE presents a unique combination of propolis oil, cedar extract and the herbal mixture of fern, boar, thyme and other additional components. During the elaboration and tests, this product has proven its effectiveness quite well. At the moment, this medicine is the only one effective product for treatment of the problem. If it would be about money only, so the main export direction was the East and the entire world as well. Especially in the East DEPARASITE is so popular that people are ready to pay anything to get this product. But we have an official instruction of the authorities, according to which a significant amount of this product shall stay inside the country and be sold to British citizens.

In addition, since the prices for DEPARASITE out of the country are much higher, the price markup for Eastern customers lets us sell the product in the UK at prices below costs.

What is the reason why DEPARASITE is so efficient? What is the difference between this medicine and other kinds of body cleansing from parasites?

As I said before, today it is the only effective means for cleansing the body from parasites, which exists in the world. This is why many international pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy chains are eager to sell this product. In comparison with other antiparasitic medicines, this product works equally against the whole spectrum of parasites which can infect a human body. In connection with the diagnostic problems, it works for the cleansing of the whole body as well. I have already said before, that it is almost impossible to determine, which parasites exactly a person is infected with. DEPARASITE destroys and removes parasites from the body; they can live there everywhere – from the brain and heart to the liver and intestine. No medicine from the existing today can provide the same effect.

At that, it is not a chemical product, this is a quite natural medicine which doesn’t cause any allergic reactions, intestinal disorders and other problems, which may appear at the treatment with classic pills, when as a result, the body will be loaded even more since it is forced to process more chemical compounds.

Our readers would love to know, of course, where DEPARASITE can be bought. Where is this product presented for sale?

Today, you can order DEPARASITE only on the official website of the project. We’ve been trying for several times to cooperate with various pharmacy chains, but they are aimed to set a maximum price which is much higher as the price established by us. You see, the Institute of Parasitology and Medical New are non-profit organizations and we have no goal to earn extra on it. We only want to supply the population with our product. For this reason we sell it at a loss, while we balance the difference with the help of the export, while pharmacy chains have their main goal to gain profit. This is why we have absolutely different approaches to pricing.

I hope that in the near future, we will manage to agree and DEPARASITE will be sold at an affordable price in pharmacies. However, today it can be ordered online only. We did our best to make it comfortable and safe – the product is delivered by mail or courier and paid upon receipt and check. There is nothing more to do receive the order.

At the moment, the British Institute of Parasitology together with Medical News introduces a special offer „Defeat parasites – safe the UK people”. So, you can buy DEPARASITE with an additional 50% discount now.

Attention! It is well-known that autumn is the best time to start treatment of the body against parasites. Due to the normalization of the average temperature the metabolism and blood circulation in vessels is accelerated and thus, the effect of taking the elixir grows.

Interviewed by Elizabeth Miller

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I’ve ordered Deparasite for myself and it was shipped in four days. I started taking it and felt that something horrible went out of me… I never thought that so many creatures could live in the intestine. It is awful to think about what was living inside me there.

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A very interesting and useful interview, I thank you for it. You managed to explain people the truth!
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Rachael Duncan
I definitely agree with all recommendations here. I started drinking it (I was suffering with the same problem), I even had to go to the capital of our country to find a parasitologist. I found him and after viewing all this, he said I had worms in my liver. Without Deparasite I might not be here in 2-3 years…
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Kim Stephenson
Is this a lie? Why cannot it bought anywhere except online?
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Jennyfer Greyson
Hey Kim, did you even read the article? It is sold on the Net because the pharmacies set too high prices for it and wanna earn on it as much as possible. What lie can you talk here about if everything is paid for upon receipt? I’ve ordered it and it was delivered by a courier. I checked everything, had a good look and only then I paid. It’s the same when shipping by mail, you need to pay upon receipt as well. Listen, today everything can be bought online – from clothes and shoes to technics and furniture.
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