• 100% natural components
  • Approved by the Institute of Nutrition and Health
  • 100% results guaranteed

Do you dream of thin waist and slender body?

ZDOROV Propolis Elixir can dissolve fat on a cellular level!

Your waist will be
12 cm thinner in 28 days!

  • Removes old fat stocks
  • Gives skin lifting effect, eliminates cellulitis
  • Blocks fast carbs assimilation
  • Removes dangerous toxins together with fat
  • Improves health and working capacity
  • Reduces hypostases and stagnations
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Why does ZDOROV Propolis Elixir work so fast?

Secret of the elixir's effectiveness is in the large amount of propolis. Scientists have proved that if you apply the bee glue regularly, it lowers PPAR protein level in the organism. This protein is contained in adipose tissue and responsible for "storage" of fats in the organism. If the level of protein development falls, adipose tissue destroys independently, and the person loses weight.

Other components of the elixir intensify exchange processes in the organism, therefore all excess fat is brought out of food, without being digested. Thanks to it, the organism processes "emergency ration" even more actively, and you grow thin without the slightest restrictions.

Bee glue
  • Patented, doesn’t have any analogs
  • 100% natural active ingredients
  • Doesn’t require any restrictions in food or sport activities
  • Useful for stomach, provides comfortable digestion

Fast weight loss with health benefits


Works on a cellular level: reduces the level of a PPAR protein in the organism, "responsible" for accumulation of excess weight and subsidence of visceral fat on internal organs, which is dangerous for health.

Vitamin A

Dissolves and removes excessive subcutaneous fat and even neglected cellulitis; fights against loose skin and helps to tighten the body after weight loss.

Olive oil

Prevents absorption of up to 80% of fat from food and it accumulation in the organism; provides safe splitting, processing and removal of old fat stocks and toxic substances.

Vitamin E

Tones up and tightens skin, without allowing it to get loose; fills the organism with energy and increases your working capacity. While losing weight you feel refreshed and full of strength.

Do doctors
agree with it?

Losing weight with ZDOROV Propolis Elixir is useful for all systems of the organism

"ZDOROV Elixir based on propolis is my prescription to all my patients, and I am absolutely sure in its effectiveness. It is all about the unique properties of propolis - this substance is very rich in minerals and vitamins and it is capable to fill up stocks of the elements necessary fir the organism and to optimize exchange processes. In this way, fat stocks and toxic substances are brought out of the organism, and the lack of vitamins and minerals is filled. Besides, this elixir influences digestion processes, eliminates hormonal imbalance and perfectly tightens skin.

Amelia Freer,


of clinical testing of

ZDOROV Propolis Elixir


300 people suffering from excessive weight took part in the research. All of them took 2 teaspoons of the elixir for 21 days. There were no restrictions in food.

  • Increase in working capacity, freshness
  • Sleep normalization
  • elimination
    of heaviness and pain in stomach
  • loss
    of 15-20 kg
  • loss
    of 8-14 kg
  • Decrease of cellulitis
  • size
    by 7-10 cm
  • size
    by 11-15 cm
  • size
    by more than 16 cm

of 2373

about ZDOROV Propolis Elixir


housewife, 39 years old, Manchester 15 minutes ago

"Not only have I begun to lose weight fast, I also feel much better!"

I am 30 years old and I have three children. After each childbirth I gained excess weight and I couldn't get rid of it then. Eventually I began to weigh nearly 100 kg and I decided that it was time to change something. My friend is fond of different techniques of weight loss, she also told me about ZDOROV elixir which is based on propolis. The remedy is absolutely natural and really works! I noticed the difference after 2 weeks of applying! And not only have I begun to lose weight fast, I also feel much better! Even skin color became healthier, and people around me notice it. Thanks to the elixir! Now I advise it to everyone.


teacher, 54 years old, Edinburgh 3 days ago

"Now I have got a waist, cellulitis is about to disappear!"

Actually, doctors advised me to lose the excess weight because it began to do harm to my health. I had gastritis, stomach pains often disturbed me. The doctor advised to accept ZDOROV elixir with propolis. I've been drinking it for 2 months. I feel like a young girl again! Now I have got a waist, cellulitis is about to disappear! But the most important thing is that, finally, my gastritis has gone! This elixir is made of propolis which is absolutely natural. Therefore it's extremely useful for health!


marketing specialist, 32 years old, Belfast 3 days ago

"I even had to take in my wedding dress!"

I decided to work on myself when my boyfriend asked me to marry him! I wanted to look just great on the best day of my life. My mother recommended me to try ZDOROV elixir with propolis which would help me to lose excessive weight. As the remedy is natural, I thought things couldn't get much worse. The result was just amazing! I have lost about 10 kg of weight in only 1 month! I even had to take in my wedding dress! And the cellulitis has completely gone, and skin has become soft! This is a perfect remedy!

How to reduce the waist by 10 cm for 21 days?

  • Order the ZDOROV Propolis Elixir
  • Take
    1 teaspoon twice a day before meal
  • You will notice first results in 10-14 days already
  • Measure your waist in 21 days! 10 cm have gone!

What will happen when you start using

ZDOROV Propolis Elixir?

1-14 days

The metabolism will improve. The organism will begin to process actively incoming calories, excesses will be removed, without being digested.

14-21 days

Due to the stimulation of blood circulation, cellular division and tissues' regeneration will accelerate. As a result, cellulitis will decrease; skin will become smooth and tightened.

21 days
and later...

Noticeable reduction of body size.

Stop dreaming about perfect figure and being ashamed
of your reflection in the mirror!

Order ZDOROV Propolis Elixir
and your dream will come true in 21 days.

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  • 100% natural components
  • Approved by the Institute of Nutrition and Health
  • 100% results guaranteed